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Understand the Sacred Intention

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Zero is not empty

Each day of the Tzolkin calendar has an intention, your own day also has an intention, which is the sum of all intentions you had in that time.

To understand how important is an Intention, we have to refer to the Mayan mathematics.

In the Mayan culture, the number Zero expresses a potential. It contains everything, all the possibilities. All roads start from Zero. From its wholeness, nothing has been chosen. It is the source of everything.

Zero is symbolized by a Flower, an Egg, a Sun.

One is the Intention from Zero. It is the birth, the choice, the wish, the desire, the seed.
The Intention has the power to reduce all the possibilities that exist to a single One.

The Intention is the act of giving birth to a new entity. It is the materialization of a new cosmic cell.

The Intention gives the movement to the Energy.
When you have an Intention, you put Energy into the global idea of the Intention.

If you want to play music, it is to share something with your friends. Your Intention will change the sentiments inside of your friends.
You can give intention to a very insignificant personal inner thought, to another people, to a planet or to the whole universe.

When you give intention to something, you change it. You really change the composition of Energy in the universe when you have an intention.

An intention is the making of a noise in the hall. That noise is the expression of your existence. At first when you are asleep you think that you are the only one who can hear the noise you are making. So you learn to make noises. It is something that sounds like music. You, as a specific intention of the cosmos, you play a specific tune in this hall.

When your consciousness is awoken, you start to hear that everything around you is also playing music in the same hall.

You realize that if everyone plays their own piece of music without following the melody of the Orchestra it creates a dissonance.

To have a really good piece of music every musician needs to learn how to play with the others. First he needs to listen around him, learn how to synchronize his own style with the rest of the orchestra. Then he should play without restraint and the result will be perfect.

If your Intention is not synchronized with Ajaw, with the Creation, it will not sound good. Your Intention will damage the World and the result will be destruction. If your Intention is not synchronized, it will bring tension, imbalance, illness and dissonance. You will develop a small closed consciousness. You will feel sadness inside of you and create sorrow around you.

If your Intention is synchronized with the Creation you create harmonious Energy by essence. It resonates with the world making it grow from the fertile ground of everybody else’s Intentions. You become a Creator.

Your Intention will create new harmonics by touching others’ Intentions. If your Intention is synchronized it will bring harmony, balance, self and global development. It will open large collective consciousness, peace, joy inside and outside of you.
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