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In our modern technological world, the definition of a calendar is very different from the meaning it had in the distant past.

Today we understand a calendar as a table of days, containing the months, weeks and the days that make up the week. A calendar is nothing else than a simple schedule, a division of the solar year cycle, something like a common agenda used all around the world that allows us to synchronize our actions in time.

For our ancestors, a calendar represented something completely different.

A calendar contains the answer to the Fundamental Question that motivates all humans since the beginning of times:

Who am I ?

Our modern civilizations have distorted the original calendars to hide the true nature of the essence of the Human Being and the purpose of its presence in the cosmos. This situation is the very source of the imbalance that causes so much misery and suffering on our planet:

The human does not know anymore who he is.

The sacred Tzolkin calendar, or Cholq'ij in Mayan language, is sent to us by our ancestors to remind us that we are Divine Essence.

It contains all the knowledge and wisdom of the Ancients, it contains the Message of our Origin.
It is the support and the translation of the Voice of Time, the Voice of the Source of what we call 'reality'.

Our Mayan brothers have preserved and maintained this treasure during thousands of years so that we, people of the earth of the present time, can again find the connection with the Source.

The source described and expressed by the sacred Mayan calendar is not part of a bygone past, something that only scientists and historians can study and understand.

The Source exists now, in the present time you are living right now. It is simply hidden by the fog of your education and certitudes.

The Source is looking for you!

Day after day it sends you the information you need to find it. Day after day it creates the events of your life so that you can become aware of its presence.

But the choice is yours. Only you can decide to make the step of the contact or to remain deaf to its calls.

Life is a learning process, the mastery of life occurs when the light of understanding arises in you. This understanding enables you to master the time and its cycles. It gives the eternal life

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