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Practice of The Sacred Intention

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The Form of 2 Ix

Ton 2, Lord 2, Number 2

To understand what represents the number 2, we have to start from the beginning… which is not that far away ;)

For Mayan people the symbol of zero is a flower, an egg or a seed. Zero is a potential. It is not empty, au contraire!

It contains all possibilities all ideas. It is the Source. It is the Mother of the Universe.

When you start counting, the count has to come back to the Source. Counting means completing a cycle which means going from the Source back to the Source. This is how things grow.

A cycle is a living entity. It has power within it. It is determined by the intention of the cycle. If the intention is great, the power is great, and therefore the cycle becomes large and powerful because it is an expression of the Truth.

The greatest intentions make the greatest counts. Calendars also keep records of Intentions.

When the power appears it always comes back to its Source. It’s a law in the Universe.

So when we start, we start from the Source, the Seed. It contains the Wish, the Intention, but has expressed nothing yet. It is only potential. It is Zero.

When One appears, something very strange happens…

One is the primordial Intention. Out of all possibilities you choose one of them.

The potential whose ‘volume’ is infinite by nature is reduced to only one Intention. One is very powerful as it can reduce the Whole to One.

You can feel this ‘movement’ inside of yourself. When you are calm, in a state of meditation, you realize that you are part of the Whole. You are one with Ajaw.
Empty your mind of thoughts. Your body becomes transparent. Then you can feel what is Ajaw, the Whole, the Zero. He who is at the origin of everything that exists.
To get out of this state of absolute calm, Zero, you'll have to choose and realize an Intention, for example 'I want to change my position’. This Intention is your choice, and the realization of this choice gives rise to a new cycle through the appearance of the number One. This subtle change of state that you notice from Zero to One is the 'movement' of Energy. It is within you.

Ajaw is not a God. It is simply an Intention and a Form. An Energy and a Consciousness.

When the Intention appears it also has to come with its opposite polarity. Nothing appears alone. If you want to create the right side you also have to create the left one. On its own the right side has no meaning. It has no dimension.

Numbers contain the science of the World.
The word 'number' in Mayan language means Man, Entity, Lord. Numbers exist in the universe as the shadow of things. Knowing their meaning gives you an insight into the spirit of the world.

So what is the opposite of One?
Do not look so far, its simply his female counter-part, Two.
We could think that Two comes after One, but in fact One cannot exist without Two. They always come together.

And finally we reach Two and Two is the polar opposite of One.

Mother Nature says: when you have an Intention, its opposite is also created

It is important to understand this, it is of greatest importance!

When somebody has an Intention, the opposite Intention also appears in the World

And when we again ask Mother Nature about how to solve this problem, how to behave with the opposite power that appears with our intention, the answer is simple: Harmony.

Two is the ability to put Harmony when One once had the ability to have an Intention

If you are a man you have the ability to come into harmony with a woman. And if you are a woman you can come into harmony with a man.

It’s magic!

So Two is the root of Harmony in the Mayan thinking. Simple and powerful

Two is the symbol of an existing power in nature who’s Intention is Harmony

Kin Ix, day Ix

Ix means Mother, feminine essence in Mayan Language.

If you look at its color, you will see that it is white, a male energy.

Ix is a Mother with a vision of a Father. Ix is an Oracle because she has both perspectives, the feminine and masculine ones.

Lets take again our friends One and Two. We said when One exists Two also exists.
The materialistic, touchable, sizable, visible part of the Outer World is the Male Energy.
The world of sentiments, feelings, relashionship, harmony, invisible part of the Inner World is the Female Energy.

If a visible world exits, its invisible part also exists

It doesn’t has to be proved, you are this proof as a living entity.
.. but if you need some, you can refer to the symmetry of particles. A particle can only exist with its anti particle

You can meet Ix if you go and stay in the country side. Stay alone for a while and go in a forest with no other human. Go as deep in the forest as you can, choose a place you like and sit down.
Silence your inner voices.
Feel in peace with your surroudings, feel the love, joy and harmony coming from the Creation. You know you can enter in every things around you by entering inside of yourself.
The feelings you get from this contact are universal, every creation has the same. Trees, butterflies, wind, and even clouds are expressing what you feel inside. This is the universal language of the Creation, a fractal language.

A language from inside and outside, known by all entities in the universe, the language of Ix.

When you feel this language you feel the outer world inside of yourself, at this time you become transparent because you see yourself in every things around you. What is outside is inside, and what is inside is also outside.
No fear, the big Family is everywhere, loneliness doesn’t exist!

This is a fractal consciousness. We are fractals.
We are fractals in Fractal. We are fractals made of fractals.

Fractal also means organization, Trust.

The world already has its own organization and doesn’t need any artificial ones.

World means you. You have this organization outside and inside of yourself, you also don’t need any artificial ones.

This organization is a great Trust in the World. Trusting this organization would be a Great message from Human to the Whole.

Trusting this organization is a sacred connection that gives a great real understanding and a true experience of our reality.

Things organize themselves based on their own and direct connection with the World, with the Whole, with the Zero, the Source.

No fear, everyone is connected!

"You see yourself in every things around you" Photo: apod

Global Melody of 2 Ix

It is impossible to fight against your opposite, it is here because you are here
It is impossible to get rid of your enemy because it represents the essence of your being, of your own intention

Fighting against your enemy is like hitting your own shadow

Because your secured solid and home sweet material outer world exists
also exists your secured solid and home sweet immaterial inner world

It is mathematical, natural. It is a natural self process of teaching/understanding who is speaking to you.
World gives everything you need, opposite vibration, organization, answers, development, love, joy, creativity
What human think already exists because World, You, Them, It, is the same,


Find Harmony with the Whole, you will need nothing more

Find Trust!

All is One

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