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Understand the Sacred Intention

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My personal Intention

The sacred Tzolkin Calendar describes a wave of life. It is a vibration of reality, a natural cycle.

The cycle is a living entity. It has a consciousness and spirit. It can feel love and all the emotions you can feel too.

The calendar as a whole, in its explanation of the world, in its philosophy, science, experience, and inter-connectedness with other dimensions including yourself is a living entity.

It represents at the same time the Whole Creation as well as you as an individual

Understanding it gives you the Sacred Trust into Life.

This Trust is very simple to write: All is One.

But this is so difficult to understand because the root of our perception of the world is distorted.

Your Intention is the first step. It is the passage through the door.

Your Intention is something you decide inside of yourself. Your intention is your own and personal road.

Your Intention is a step towards the Creator. It is something between You and Him

Your Intention is whatever you want to do. The important is to feel His presence when you do it. Do it for Him, for the Creator, for YOU.

Just express what you feel when you feel connected, it could be a drawing, a poem, something artistic or a whole project.

When you feel connected, when you understand, the effort required to accomplish your idea disappears, you feel helped in your quest.
This Help is the Divine connection.
Feeling this Help shows you that your Idea, Yourself as a living entity and the Universe = ONE

The Nawal says:

“If you feel that its you who is acting,
You are passive. Inactive.
When you Act you really do not feel it,
You only feel that you are full of joy”

Your intention will change the world even if it is a small thought. Your intention will change you if you care for it, if you feed it, if you have faith in it

The most important is to Act. By acting with Faith you will have a direct and real contact.

The Nawal says:

“We are made of faith.
He, who has faith - has his Master.
And faith is his STRENGTH.
If you think I have a voice - I can talk.
If you do not think it, I'm dumb.
If you think I'm you - I will be:
It is the faith placed at the top.
You can also place your faith to bottom
It's up to you.
Today, the ones of Xibalba are noisy
And the Nawals do not sing.
But we descend through YOUR FAITH

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