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Understand the Sacred Intention

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Behind the date of 2012 hides an awareness

Man becomes MAN by fusing with his Creator. He becomes aware of the Universal Consciousness and realizes that his own consciousness is the Essence of the Creator himself.

This realization happens in his individual deep consciousness.

All are One. You are Us and We are You. And so it has been since the beginning of time

2012 represents the birth of this Great Meeting

The Native American concept of the Absolute Being is

'the Measure and the Movement'

Ajaw is one of its names. He is the Architect of the Universe.

Ajaw symbolises the Form and the Energy, that means: The Soul and the Spirit. The Circle and the Act. The Space and Time.
'This unique Creator of the Movement and the Measure represents the Absolute Being. The Sun is one of its most powerful source of information.'

Ajaw is pure energy, vibration, mathematics, geometry. He is immaterial, He acts before the apparition of the matter. The material world we see is an expression of Ajaw.

‘The Measure and the Movement’ means that everything is composed of an Energy inside a Form. It can be represented as a cell. The inner vibration of the cell, which is the Energy, is limited by its Form. The form of the cell is a result of its inner vibration.

This cell is the origin of the Universe, the source of the big bang

At this time, the first cell split. Making its form bigger.
At this time, the cell was pure light and energy, so light created light.

The light is the same as light, only the intensity is different.

The first cell has been dividing itself over and over again until today. It spreads in every available directions and intensities . The result of this process is the Creation in which we live today.

But do not be fooled, because all light is a replica of the initial light. Only the appearance is different, the outfit ;)

Quantum physics confirm that the two particles of light resulting from a division are intertwined. This means that any influence on one of them also affects the other however distant they are from each other, in space and time!

The division is an illusion, in fact, the particle of light is not divided but becomes two particles. A single ‘soul’ in two different bodies, two flowers on one stem.

We can say that today, the original cell of light has become a multitude of cells that form the Creation in its wholeness.
"Each small cell prays, and the whole pray is the true sentiment" it is Ajaw, the Being who’s inner world is his outer world, the fractal Being who is aware of himself.

This Being is the initial cell, but it is also all the cells that compose him today.

Man now needs to take a step and make the connection with this deep inner understanding. We all have the memory of our Roots inside us and we know it..

This step is an Intention. Your own Intention. The step to understand starts with your own Intention

The world is showing you the door, through all the information you get by your senses, each day for you to cross it.

The Intention to pass the Door is the Sacred Intention

An intention is the creation of a new light cell by a cell of light, You

At birth, an intention is a small seed of light in your heart but can become as vast as the universe itself

The world is so subtle that it seems flat to the untrained eye. The door of perception is in its subtlety itself and opens to infinity.

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