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Practice of The Sacred Intention

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Intention of

Brother and Sister of the world

maybe you do not realize it yet, but there is a movement trying to change things in the world.

This movement has no name, it is personal, individual, but it is also at the same time everyone together, without limitation.

For this to work, we must spread the idea around us. The more people who knows, the more easy will be the change.
It is not necessary to make a revolution with weapons and blood, we can do it relax ;)
Simply inform our environment. The change, or the movement of change will happen when a critical mass of people acts together. We do not need necessarily half of the people, we just need people with motivation. The more motivated people we have, the less we need.
At the end, it will not be a revolution, it will just be a change, that must take place now. Something natural.

If you think about the future, you certainly know that your children will not survive in the world we leave them. We make a trash of our environment, we make a toxic world and if we do not decide ourselves to change, there will be no reason for it to happen by itself.

The change should not be in others, it must be done in each of us.

The responsibility to change is within each one of us.

Each person must simply take the time to find himself. Getting to know himself. To know who she/he really is. Being true to himself.

What is really important in my life?

Do I want to keep this material life? Giving my whole Energy of Life to acquire more objects?
That way has no limit.

The entire galaxy could belong only to me, my thirst of possession will never end.

We wake up because the material world has no future, no limit! It is a trap, an illusion.

The world as we conceive it today in the civilized countries is not sustainable. This is not an attack against the economic system, it is a natural, human, spiritual and scientific fact.

The man/human is not growing anymore today, he is destroying himself.

Is it an attack to try to prevent this suicide?

Wake up!

The world you want for tomorrow,
is it a world where human is living enclosed in cans under the earth? Breathing an artificial air (you will have to pay for that), not even able to see the sun (you will have to pay for that too), eating industrial modified junk food?
The people of that world will know exactly what they did to our Mother Earth ...

If the world you want for tomorrow is not that world, you must change now!

Show that human is able to change! There have been thousands of changes of this kind in history, before us, it will not be the first time.
Show you are still capable of that today!

Show that the human is not yet suffocated by his own pollution, he can still react! what human was able to change in the past could be changed, right now!
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