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Kin Tzikin

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5 Tzikin

Expressing energy

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Each tutorial in this list gives you a specific perspective about the Cosmovision and how to use the Sacred Tzolkin calendar.

Dance with Time!

Synchronize your reading with the Energy of the Day.

Today is 5 Tzikin
It points to West, color Blue

Tutorial direction West, color Blue :
"A clue to the Mystery of - Who is 'I' - .."

Best time to read: with the Magic of the Night, after sunset

Direction North
Compass North

Help tutorial, the tutorial you are reading now

Tutorial 'Cosmovision', introduction to Cosmovision and Mayan calendar

Direction East
Compass East

Tutorial 'Sacred Intention', how to use and understand the Mayan calendar?

Direction West
Compass West

Tutorial 'My personal Mayan calendar', a clue to the question : Who am I?

Open or create your personal Mayan calendar

  • Cycles philosophy
  • My personal cycles
  • Fractal Time
  • Who is 'I'?
  • How to use the cycles Browser?

Direction South
Compass South

A small interactive tutorial tells the story of the 5 members of the Earth's Family:

Kin KatKin QanilKin EeKin AjmaqKin Ajpu

A mysterious Gate to a new direction/dimension.. ;))

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