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Global Vision

Who Am I?

What is reality, what is the world, for what and why am I?

The Mayan prophecies
predict a major shift in our
understanding of what we call
Life, World and Reality
from the year 2012,
an integration in the Cosmic Family

The return of the Ancestors

To understand this view and especially to integrate its principles imagine that

everything is vibration

What seems solid and constant is in reality only made of different kinds of vibrations (quantum physics,string theory).

The world’s essence is fractal. A reality is repeated in all directions and in all dimensions that compose it.
A fractal is a very strange object.
It is said that it contains its complete outer world inside of itself..

Thought, Knowledge, Wisdom of the Mayan culture express this reality.

The meeting and union of both scientific and spiritual knowledge from all over the world represent a turning point in the evolution of human consciousness..

Cosmovision, Understanding and Integration of the Universe

The Cosmovision is an integrated natural consciousness, a Vision of Reality as a whole. From this Vision is coming the Mayan Science and this Science is an expression of its Cosmovision.

This Vision adapts to the world, it is living because the world itself is alive.
This Vision is present in the human as a physical connection through which flows the Energy, the Knowledge.
The Cosmovision is the expression of the Universal Knowledge, the living expression of the Unique Energy.

The Sacred Mayan Calendars were created out of this Knowledge. They describe the vibrations of Energy, the vibrations of our own Reality. These are vibrations of Consciousness.

Universe is a Vibration of Consciousness

This consciousness is conscious. All is this consciousness. The reality is the expression of this consciousness.

Since its creation, the universe is trying, composing, expressing all kind of vibrations, from the simple helium atom in the beginning to the complex vibrations of the human brain, organisation, network, exchange, communication, etc..

Now we reach a level of vibration that announces a full integration of the human with the universe. The human becomes Human, an entity aware of its own Source of Life into the Cosmos.

The return of the Ancestors and all Memories

The Sacred Tzolkin calendar, or Cholq'ij in Mayan language, speaks the language of the Universe. The Universe explains, listens and responds through signs or what we call coincidences or synchronicities in life.

There is no coincidences, only intentions, messages from reality, from our own consciousness!

Time is cyclical. This fact implies that the events of history are repeated continuously.
'Time' is the repetition of a Message to a Consciousness in perpetual birth.
The Message represents the Ancestors, the Source of Knowledge.

The end of the Mayan Long Count of 2012 announces the return of the Ancestors and therefore the return of the Knowledge. The Message is once again available now and the human knowledge is sufficient to understand it.

The Change of Consciousness

The change in the human consciousness is expressing right now.

The human cuts the umbilical cord of his artificial education and history and connects himself on its own, directly to the Source of the Universal Knowledge, that it is present inside of himself.

He realizes that his own Source of Life IS the Universal and Unique Energy in the Universe.

The human becomes Human by directly accessing the Sacred Vision, the Cosmovision.

The Sacred Cholq'ij calendar is a living guide to achieve this New Consciousness,

it is a tool to Enlightenment

(May the Sun finds You!)