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Tzolkin Calendar: Nawal Calculator(Page 9/13)

By default, the Nawal calculator displays the Nawal of the present day.

Enter your own birth date to calculate your Nawal.

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Present Day

(UTC 17 April 2024 17:00)
  Aqabal  is my Guide  
Kan my Complement 5 Tzikin is my Nawal
5 Tzikin is my Nawal
Kat my Support
  Kame my Left Hand  

If I am born this day,

The Flower symbolises my Nawal

My Nawal expresses the Vibration of the Cosmos at that point of time. This vibration will remain stamped in me all my life.

My Nawal is my Totem, Helper and Guardian. It is me, my personal inner vibration, the opposite part of my physical body and world..

My Nawal is 5 Tzikin, in the center of the Flower

It consists of 4 elements that allow it to balance:

My Right Hand is my Support. Its Kin is Kat

My Left Hand, the opposite of my Right Hand is my Occult Element. Its Kin is Kame

My Complement is the Kin Kan, it expresses the missing part of my Nawal

My Guide shows me the path to my Destiny. Its Kin is Aqabal

Learn more about your Nawal

You can view the details of your Nawal in the Melody of the Day.

If you want to meet your Nawal, to know who He is and how He acts in the Events of your life, if you would like to communicate with Him, you can create your own personal Mayan calendar.

Your personal Mayan calendar will be your tool, your reference on the way to your own discovery.

Content overview of the personal Mayan calendar:

  • Personal Mayan calendar based on the time and place of my birth
  • Discovery and meaning of my Nawal
  • Personal cycles browser for my whole life
  • Messages of Time to my attention
  • Automatic e-mail at my important cycles shifts
  • Generation of my personal Mayan calendar in pdf format for print
  • Tutorial, how to understand and use my Mayan calendar
  • I am not my social identity, I am not my body, who am I?

  • Perception of the world, everything is vibration
  • Fractal Time and Universe
  • Understand the transformation and flow of Energy
  • Life cycles philosophy
  • Synchronicities and events of my life
  • The personal Mayan calendar can be removed at any time

  • Completely free of charge.

- Just free your mind! -

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Flower of the day | Earth influence | Tzolkin overview | Planets influence | Cosmic Caterpillar 20 days

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