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"You, Traveler of the Time and Space,
Creator of Worlds and Realities,
Who makes the Trees grow and the Sun shines.
The Ancestors have put you on this place of the Cosmos
Like we plant a Seed in the Earth.

And just as the Flower grows and steers to the Sun,
Your Quest of Life is to find your way back to the stars,
The place of your Origin.
Find again the Sacred Connection within you
That will show you the Way!

This connection is your Inner Compass,
Absolute and universal Advisor,
Present in everything that exists.
Source of Sacred Knowledge and Understanding,
It will show you that death and time are nothing but chimeras.

It will show you that this illusory, material world is all lies,
It is only a pale expression of the Truth,
Cause nothing can approach its true Beauty,
Nothing can express it in its Totality.
This material world is only a stage, a scene, a possibility.

There is a Truth beyond appearances:
Everything is empty, however you ARE!

Right now, in this present time,
All the stars of the sky are looking through your own eyes,
Your Inner World is made up of an Universe,
As vast as the one you can see in the night sky."

Cosmic Eye

"Cosmic Eye" Artist: Brian Exton

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