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"The Ancestors have left an extraordinary Gift to humanity.

This Present contains all the Wisdom of the Ancient World,
A transcendent useful tool for both an individual and
An entire nation.
It teaches how to reach a complete Harmony and Development.

This tool enables each one to connect
To the infinite World that surrounds us,
To know his predispositions, capabilities and weaknesses.
And so allows each one
To go along his Path of Existence in Harmony,
To Discover his Purpose of Life."

The sacred Tzolkin Calendar describes a natural fractal Vibration

It is a feminine cosmic vibration. It projects the energy and information for each entity to exist.

It is the Heart, giving each day character, emotion, understanding of existence to reality.

It is the teaching process of the Universal Consciousness, present everywhere, and in fact with no defined location.

It is composed of two under cycles of 13 Ton and 20 Kin. The Ton represent the energy of development, the objective of the day, the motivation, the fire. The Kin the energy of creation, the character the mood.

Each Ton and Kin has a different purpose, the combination of all Ton and Kin gives the whole cycle duration of 260 days (13x20=260).

If 'Present' is pure Consciousness, Time is its development process..

Time has periods of physical and non physical consciousness each giving the living entity the basic knowledge to understand the world, to realize it.

The repeating of the process acts like the sun on the plants making them grow.

To simplify imagine you have a spotlight in front of your eyes, it is on around 12 hours and it is off again around 12 hours. It is showing you a message each time it is on and you record this message in your unconsciousness during the night time.
There are 260 messages to get, 260 pieces of a puzzle whose overall image is only revealed when each little experience, each piece is placed in the right position.
In fact 'time' is a learning process. The development of the Universal Consciousness.

The use of the sacred Tzolkin calendar started more than 5'000 years ago, but of course the natural cycle it describes existed from the beginning of all things, a long time before the existence of our solar system.

A calendar is the reference you use to understand the suite of days you live.

If you follow a sun based calendar, you synchronize yourself to the materialistic part of the world and you will understand that there are seasons.

If you follow a spirit based calendar, you synchronize yourself to the spiritual part of the world and you will understand that universe has the same spirit as yours, All is One.
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