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Picture from the movie: Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds

'Cosmovision' can be associated with the concepts or ideas of

'Seeing the true nature of things'
'Knowing and understanding deeply who we are'.

It is difficult, almost impossible to define 'Cosmovision' with words because it is actually a state of inner consciousness. A state of total awareness in which a being is conscious that any outer and/or inner manifestation is only a reflection of one and single Source: Himself.

From this State in perfect harmony with everything, with the Whole, appears the Knowledge which is intrinsically present in everything that surrounds us, in the Vibration from which 'All' takes form.

This Vibration is the Source, the Mother Vibration, the Divine Matrix,

the Global Heart,

the vibration described by the Sacred Cholq'ij calendar, the Mayan Tzolkin calendar.

It is the Voice of the Original Mother. It gives us day after day the teachings of what we call Life, Presence, Reality, Consciousness.

The Cosmovision is built out on the basis of this inner Source of Knowledge, the Voice of the Heart, the Akashic memory, the holographic memory of the universe, which consists of the experiences and vibrations of all beings who have existed, who exist and will exist.

'Cosmovision' means 'Seeing yourself in everything around you'':

To feel your Heart beating in the Heart of our Mother Earth,
To see your own Motivation and Energy of Life in the Heat and Light expressed by our Father the Sun,
To feel the tree breathing in each of your breaths,
To understand that your own happiness is also present in the explosion of happiness that appears in nature at the return of spring,
To recognize your own joy that emanates from the melody of the stream that flows between the stones,
To see your own humor in the shapes of clouds, in the first clumsy steps of the newborn,
To realize that the Love you have for your own child is the same that all the mothers of the universe feel for their children..

Dear Brother, Dear Sister,

dream of consciousness

"Dream of Consciousness" Unkown artist

No sophisticated theory could describe this Truth in a simpler and purest way than the vivid experience of it.

'Cosmovision' is just a word, a sequence of syllables, a vibration, but

its Truth is in you

in your own choice of interpretation of the world that surrounds you and forms you.
It is precisely this choice of interpretation which is the basis of your human free will:

You are a free being!
through your own choices you are a creator, you are THE Creator..

Today, in this materialistic and technocratic world, we have disconnected ourselves from the Source through the concepts, dogmas, paradigms, theories we have developed to describe and limit the world.

This closed and sterile reality in which modern humans evolve.

By the fact of constantly wanting to describe the things expressing around us, we have built, perhaps unintentionally, a border, a prison for our spirit that keeps us in ignorance and fear, the fear of our Brothers and Sisters.
This artificial world is not viable, it is the cancer of our planet. We have become our own poison.

The antidote lies within each of us and we have this power, to make it active.

Here is a small incomplete list that highlights some of the distortions of reality that our modern civilization strives to keep alive in our minds.
Your own experience and connection with the Cosmovision will give you the inspiration to complete it ;)

Materialistic vision

(To know without asking any question)


(To be discovered by myself)

The human is an entity, an object in the universe.
Like the human, the universe is an object.
The Human IS the universe.
Just like the Human, the Universe is alive and conscious

The universe is only what can be perceived by the five human senses. It is predictable and limited. The apparent material world is only a possibility. Basically, the universe is a mystery, it is unknowable

The numbers represent arithmetic values, specific amounts. They are used for counting and calculation. Numbers are the symbols of Forces that comprise and build the Universe.
They are used as Universal Language

The number zero is empty, it contains nothing, it represents the nothingness. The number Zero is the symbol of the Source.
All possibilities are present in the Zero.
In Zuyua Mayan language,
the word 'Zero' is: 'GE'

It means Creator of the Universe, Egg, Human, Essence of the Beginning, Logos, Aura, the Root of the Sacred, the Milky Way (galaxy), the Seed, the Mother's Womb.

The symbol of Zero is a Flower, an Egg, a Sun, a Seed, a Shell, Testicles, Ovaries,
a Spiral.
zero symbol

Zero is the Source, the Mother.
She is aware, intelligent, she listens and expresses

Time is linear.

linear time
Start   Time     End

It has a beginning and an end.
It arises from the nothingness, from nothing, by accident, without reason.
It ends in the nothingness, into the nothing, by accident, without reason.
Time is cyclical.

cyclical time

It is the expression of Life.
It is consciousness expressing itself in the present.
Its purpose, its reason to exist, symbolized by the square at its center, is Harmony, Unconditional Love.

Time has no beginning nor end.
Time is eternal present in perpetual motion

Death is associated with the number zero.
The event of the death is an end, the return to the nothingness by accident and without reason.
Like the human, the universe has a beginning and an end.

Nothingness - Birth - Life - Death - Nothingness

Death is associated with the number Zero.
The return to the Source, the start of a new cycle.
Each cycle consists of a life time and a new birth.
Its objective is the development of Consciousness.

Like the human, the universe is in perpetual birth:
A cycle in a cycle in a cycle in a cycle..

perpetual cycle

Learning means
to read in books, to become full of information, to connect to an external source of knowledge.
Learning means
to connect to my own Inner Source, to experience, to feel, to listen to the voice of my Inner Source

Intelligence is the ability to acquire and apply artificial human knowledge and skills. Intelligence is the ability to integrate with the Whole, to harmonize

You have to fight to survive. Maintaining harmony means remaining eternal

Laws are static and unchanging. The only static law is the change:
The perpetual movement, the impermanence, the quest for balance in a constantly changing environment

Time is money. Time is the Universal Consciousness expressing in the infinity of the present

You are your social identity. Trying to define me limits my possibilities, I am infinite

You will know you have succeeded in your life
when your name will remain in history!
I will know who I am
when I will forget myself.....

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