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Time is alive: Heart of Time(Page 12/13)

The cycle of the 20 Kin is the Heart Beating of Time.

It is the Voice of the Source. The unique and universal Source present in all Hearts of Creation.

It gives the Teaching to Time.

The beating of the Heart of Time gives the rhythm to the Cosmic Dance which builds the space-time.

The 20 Kin of the Tzolkin calendar appear day after day, following the circular movement of the Mayan Cross, anti-clockwise:

1 Fire => 2 Air => 3 Water => 4 Earth

Air (up)
Mayan Cross 1
Earth (down)

The 20 Kin in the Dance of Time:

Flower of Time

The 20 Kin appear in 4 movements of 4 steps in the 4 directions, then a concentric movement of 4 steps:

First movement, the group of 4 Kin on the right, Fire family:

step 1 Imox,

step 2 Iq,

step 3 Aqabal,

step 4 Kat

Second movement, the group of 4 Kin on the top, Air family:

step 1 Kan,

step 2 Kame,

step 3 Kiej,

step 4 Qanil

Third movement, the group of 4 Kin on the left, Water Family:

step 1 Toj,

step 2 Tzi,

step 3 Batz,

step 4 Ee

Fourth movement, the group of 4 Kin on the bottom, Earth Family:

step 1 Aaj,

step 2 Ix,

step 3 Tzikin,

step 4 Ajmaq

Fifth movement, the group of 4 Kin in the center, Elevation, Change Family:

step 1 Noj,

step 2 Tijax,

step 3 Qawoq,

step 4 Ajpu

Construction of the cell of time

By joining the 4 outer polarities to the center, from the last picture above, we get the cell of time:

Cell of Time

It appears spontaneously every 20 pulses, or 20 days.
The cell of time is a fractal geometric shape that contains 13 Energies in the center, 13 Ton
and 20 Characters in its circumference, 20 Kin:

Inner Energy Full Egg Outer Matrix
13 Ton
The Movement, the Intention
Sacred Ratio!
Inner world:Outer world
20 Kin
The Form, the Body
the movement of energy is concentric,
it is a spiral
Center 13 : 20 Circumference
the construction of the body is circular

The Mother Cell that multiplies once and 400 times

The cell of time multiplies identically to the movement described above, following the same circular Dance. This movement generates fractal images, which are the same as the basic cell of time, but in larger/smaller dimensions:

Fractal Cell
13 articulations

The human and/is the cell of time

The gestational period of human
is 260 days, 13x20 = 260.
The child lives his first Tzolkin cycle in the mother's womb.

At birth, the human body once again expresses the image of the cell of time:

it has 20 fingers divided into 4 groups of 5, 4x5 = 20,

it has 13 major articulations:

1 neck - 1
2 shoulder - 2
3 elbow - 2
4 wrist - 2
5 hip - 2
6 knee - 2
7 ankle - 2
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