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The structure of the oXomedia's website reflects the image of the Mayan Cross, the Base of the Universe, the four Elements that form the basis of our world.

Air (up)
Mayan Cross 1
Earth (down)
Each element indicates a direction in your outside world and in your inner world:

1 The Fire, The Intention, points to the East

2 The Air, the Intelligence of the Spirit, points to the North

3 The Water, the Life, points to the West

4 The Earth, the Intelligence of the Heart, points to the South

Each Direction contains a piece of the puzzle, a part of the overall picture, a teaching.
The complete Message is formed by all the ideas and concepts you'll find in each of the 4 Directions.
What you find on oXomedia gives you an idea, a theoretical concept, a tool, an opportunity to discover the Great Secret.

But the Real Message is in you..

You can navigate in the 4 Directions of the website using the Compass that appears at the right bottom of your screen. The Compass shows the Direction in which you are oriented.
It is currently pointing to the North, to the Spirit Element.
Just click on the compass to select the direction you want.

The 4 Directions and their content

1 Direction East
East Compass

Element: Fire

Fire symbolizes Intention, Motivation, the new Life in the Seed.
This part of the site contains the traditional Mayan Tzolkin calendar or 'Cholq'ij' in Mayan language.
Its content changes every day according to the Energy expressed by the Vibration of Time. You can find more information about how to navigate in this direction and content
in the next page of this tutorial 'traditional Mayan Calendar'.

Content of the East:

2 Direction North
North Compass

Element: Air

Air symbolizes the Spirit, the Movement and Freedom.
This part contains the overall philosophy of the entire oXomedia’s website.
This philosophy is the Cosmovision.
Your current direction is this direction, the North.

Content of the North:

3 Direction West
West Compass

Element: Water

Water symbolizes Life, your own Life.
All information contained in this direction are only valid for you alone.
Open or create your personal Mayan calendar

Content of the West:

  • Your personal Mayan calendar for your whole Life
  • Discovering and meaning of your Nawal
  • The events of your personal cycles
  • The Messages of Time to your attention
  • Personal cycles Browser for your whole Life based on your birth date
  • The tutorial 'How to understand and use my Mayan calendar'

4 Direction South
South Compass

Element: Earth

Earth symbolizes the Root, the Memory, the Wisdom of the Ancestors. It represents our own connection with the Global Heart.
This part is the last but also the sum, the whole cycle of the 4 directions.

It contains the Message that gives Life to the Center.

A small interactive tutorial tells the story of the 5 members of the Earth's Family:

Kin KatKin QanilKin EeKin AjmaqKin Ajpu

A mysterious Gate to a new direction/dimension.. ;))

Content of the South:

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