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Symbols are important to, they contain information which are expressed inside of you.
The reading of symbols is an inner reading.

Each symbol explains a specific orientation of your inner feelings and energies.
From this specific orientation appears the Message in you.

The Message is a Melody, something you feel inside of you.

For instance, the Melody of the day showed by the Tzolkin calendar consists of two symbols,
the symbol of a Ton and the symbol of a Kin.

The Ton tells you how to align your Intention, your Spirit,
the Kin how to align your Heart, your feelings.

It is in this specific alignment within you, that you can receive the Message, you 'hear' an inner Melody expressed by the two symbols.

Imagine your Heart and Spirit as two radio antennas, each one oriented in a specific dimension of the cosmos.
Each antenna has its own frequency modulator, the tuner.
The symbols show how to position the tuner button of each antenna. A specific melody appears from this orientation.
The melody of the spirit mixes with the melody of the heart, giving a new global melody. This new global melody is the Message, the harmonic formed by the two initial melodies.

The Mayan codexes only contain symbols. To 'read' a codex, the reader orients his antennas according to the indication of the symbols showed on the picture to get the information..

Some important symboles used on

The 13 Ton express specific Intentions, the powers that build the universe. They are specific alignments of your Spirit.
They represent the Intentions of the Masculine Essence of the world, the Heart of the Sky, the Movement, the Spirit.

The Ton of the present time is the Number 8, Ton 8

See the tutorial 'Cosmovision' to understand their meanings.

Ton 8

Ton 8
Kin express inner feelings, specific alignments of your own Heart.
The different positions your own Heart and every Heart of the universe can express.
They represent the Messages of the Feminine Essence of the world, the Heart of the Earth, the Universal Heart who is inside everything that exists, the Source of Life.

The Kin of the present time is Noj

See the tutorial 'Cosmovision' to understand their meanings.

Kin Noj

The symbol of Modulation.

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The symbol of the Compass.

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Your current orientation is North.

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The symbol of Consciousness.

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