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Understand the Sacred Intention

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The Message

Man creates imbalance within the symphony of the Whole. He has forgotten that he is an important part of the orchestra.

He behaves as if he needs to control the musicians, posses them and consume them

It is a big mistake!

The path is not in the material world outside us, but it is within us. Man must integrate with the universe from inside himself. He must become the universe.

He must become the organism of the universe. The time we are living today is a real birth!

Our human consciousness is becoming aware of its universal essence.

Each individual can blend in with the Whole and see himself as a unique expression of the Whole. A someone unique that is part of the Whole, he feels living in both his inner and outer world. He will then realize that what he perceives as an outer world is not really outside but is an extension of his own Being. A Mirror..

At this time, when the last element of Creation is finally vibrating in symphony with the whole, he harmonizes himself, then the Whole Universe becomes the One Being. The Orchestra becomes the real 'One'

The world is our own organism, it is simply waiting for our deep consciousness to recognize it as such. This recognition is not just a theory, something to know, but must be an intention.

This recognition is an integration which implies theory, understanding, action, experience, feelings, exchange, harmonization. By Integration you become it. When integrating the universe, you become the universe.

You have a new birth as the Universe

At this moment your 'small' individual physical body disappears. It does not disappear physically but mentally, which in the end becomes the same.. since the illusion of separation is an effect of the mental.

Imagine that you are a thumb.
As a thumb you are unique. Your consciousness is limited to this state because you impose it upon yourself. You're a thumb because you conceive of yourself as a thumb. You’ve been taught to think of yourself that way at school!
'Thinking' comes from your passed education, 'thinking' is to express inside of yourself the patterns that were injected in your mind.
When you 'think' you are only listening to your passed. 'Thinking' is only a small part of your Being.

You think that you are only a thumb even though you know that the rest of the body exists. But you treat these other elements as foreign to you.

From the way you 'think' you believe that you need to physically possess the other elements of the body. So that your ego of thumb will dominates physically the other parts of the body in order to control them, in order to control the whole body.

Of course the other elements do not agree with that, as each one feels itself as being the whole 'body', just like you feel it for yourself.

If the thumb wants to be the body, meaning a larger consciousness made of all elements of the body, it must express a transparent thumb for the body. It must live as a thumb, but within the consciousness of the whole body.

In this way the thumb can act as the consciousness of the body as he possesses this global consciousness inside himself.
He 'dies' in his thumb dimension and becomes the Body. The thumb always expresses a thumb but through the consciousness of the new body.

This new body may now develop as a new Being in its own new dimension. And so on for each new dimension, to find the next level to expand his consciousness.

The future of the human is not in its individual material expansion but in the constant expansion of his consciousness

The human is not his physical body but is his body of consciousness

Your body of consciousness is the awareness of your Being. It is what you feel as ‘expressing now the Source of Life of your Being’ . The awareness of your own existence into the Cosmos.

Your body of consciousness is a pure vibration. It can extend in all the dimensions of the universe.

The physical body of Man does not survive and cannot move easily in the material universe as it requires a lot of energy.

Whilst the body of consciousness is pure energy. It IS the energy. And energy does not move as it is everywhere.

Dear Sister and Brother, remember that the origin of the universe is a single point of energy.

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