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Expressing energy

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Understand the Sacred Intention

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Measure and Movement, the cosmic cell

‘The Measure and the Movement’ means that everything is composed of an Energy inside a Form.

‘The measurement of the soul is the movement of energy, which is the spirit’

It can be represented as a cell. The inner vibration of the cell, which is the Energy, is limited by its Form. The form of the cell is a result of its inner vibration.

Ajaw is the Supreme Being, the Architect of the Universe. He is the Form and the Energy. He is the original cell and every cell that compose the reality.

He is represented in geometrical terms by the square within the circle.

The square in the center is the Energy or the Movement, his Intention. The circle is the Form or the Measure. It is his Conscience, his soul.

It is that same cell that permeates the entire universe. It is also the foundation of the sacred Tzolkin calendar. The center contains the 13 energies, Ton. And the periphery has 20 characters, Kin.

(see also Cosmovision, Body of Time)

The sacred Tzolkin calendar is the expression of Ajaw, the Creator.
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