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Expressing energy


Gaia, Alex Grey 1989 ALEXGREY.COM

The Seed


In the Mayan cosmology, the Seed is the symbol of the emptiness, the beginning and the end of all stories, all life cycles. This is the latent energy of the cosmos. This is zero.

The Seed will express itself to create the world. It contains the message of the past with the energy of the future to build the world. It is a wish, your own wish and the wish of all things that compose the universe.

We can see our world, the material world we know as an intermediate part between
the outer or upper world, the Heart of the Sky, the spirit, the road, the future
and the inner or lower world, the Heart of the Earth, the unconscious, the intuition, the intelligence, the root, the past.

The intermediate world is located between the upper and lower worlds. It is the present, the visible part of the tree taking its energy from the ground and expressing himself in the sky.

It is the border and the meeting of male and female principles. The creation of life.
It is the the place where influences act from up and from down. Each thing in the intermediate world is expressing these influences.

The Seed symbolizes the zero, the emptiness. In fact, the Mayan zero is particular, it expresses a potential. The zero contains the Whole but has yet no self expression of something. It contains the message, the wish of the Heart of the Sky / Heart of the Earth.

The Seed is the result of the fusion of the Heart of the Sky / Heart of the Earth appearing in the intermediate world we know, the present.

The Seed contains the message or the wish of the two parts for the building of the world, this message is what we call its destiny.
We can define the wish as the influences of all cycles acting in the moment of creation of the Seed for instance the energy described in the Tzolkin count, the positions of the planets around the earth, etc.

The Seed in fact is you. It is the day, it is now. It is the energy coming from the emptiness at each millisecond of the time we live. It is you who is expressing the wish of the Heart of the Sky / Heart of the Earth in every act you make, in every thought you have, you are the builder of the intermediate world.

The whole intermediate world is every thing we can perceive with our five senses, the light, the matter, the water, the plants, the animals, the humans. Each entity of the intermediate world expresses this wish in its own way, this is our world. Our world is the expression of One common Wish throughout a multitude of beings and therefore a multitude of characters.

As a human being, you understand the intermediate world because you are this world, you are a part of the boundary between the upper and the lower part, in fact you are the center of the universe, your duality is both the center and not the center.
The world is both one center and different things in the same time, like the magnet has a plus and a minus but in fact it is one magnet. The light also is both a particle and a wave, the time is both the future and the past, expressing itself in the present.

The consciousness is the feeling of all opposite elements on one time, like a particle floating in the middle of the emptiness.

White Seed
This Seed contains the potentialities of the future. It is existing now, but it is not yet expressing itself. It contains all possible stories, with no limit.

Blue Seed
This Seed is the present, it is existing now, it is the present expression of the potentialities by yourself, the building of the world through your own acts.

Yellow Seed
This Seed is the past, it is existing now in the form of the matter we see in the world, the expressed potentialities, the memory of the world.