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Understand the Sacred Intention

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Practice of the Sacred Calendar

A day is a Seed that contains the Intention. It is the symphony of the day.

As a being inside of a specific day, this symphony is your form. You can listen to the melody in your heart and spirit by reading the present Melody of Mother Earth.

Read it carefully before you start to play! Otherwise your individual music will not fit in with the whole composition.

Your Intention put on that day adds your personal energy to the whole symphony. If you feel inspired by the sounds your being is perceiving, then just play!

Play your inspiration. It is a real contact with the World. He will respond your Offering ;)

A day, as we learned at school, is the ‘time’ the sun travels throughout a day. It is correct in our human view, but a day could have different length of time depending on the dimension it expresses.

For instance, a year could be a Day of 365 days.

A cycle is a Day that can have whatever numbers of our sun-days in it.

So if you give your intention to a specific cycle, whatever number of days it contains, it will live with it. Your Intention will be a new part of the cycle, as the new water of the creek feeds the river. A cycle is made of the Intentions given to him during its life.

Take the 'Intention of 2 Ix, 21.12.2011' in the left menu as an example:

21.12.2011 = one year before the end of Oxlajuj Baktun
21.12.2012 = last day of the Mayan Long Count of 5,125 years, Oxlajuj Baktun
22.12.2012 = first day of the New Mayan Long Count of 5,125 years, Oxlajuj Baktun

The intention comes with the form. The form is the context, the intention is the energy given to the context.
The intention has been sent through a ceremony on the day of the winter solstice 21.12.2011. The Form of that day was 2 Ix, it was the symphony of that day.

21.12.2011 was also 366 days before 21.12.2012, so it is also a sun cycle.
This day 2 Ix 21.12.2011 gives its energy to the 366 days cycle, it is the ground melody during that time. It is called the loader of the cycle. He is the Lord who gives its influence during the cycle.
Each day of the calendar could be the loader of a cycle. The loader of a single day cycle influences one single day. The loader of a great cycle influences a great part of time.

The Intention sent on the day of the loader 2 Ix 21.11.2011, it means on the first day of the cycle was kept during the whole cycle until 21.12.2012.
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