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Practice of The Sacred Intention

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Intention of

The following Intention was expressed at the very first day of the new Haab cycle of 365 days, greg day 21.02.2013, through a Ceremony on a Sacred Place in Guatemala.

Jun Iq`, 1 Iq`
is the Loader, the Lord of the Year 2013
(2013=first year of the new Oxlajuj Baktun cycle!)

Great Ajaw, Energy of the Day,
Loader of the New Year, Jun Iq`

Iq` is the character of this New Year

Iq` symbolizes the change, the wind, the breath, the help and destruction.
Destruction and disappearance, also of what we love...

What is important for us collapses.
There are things in this world that seem important to us
And they disappear ...

Why do you take away what we have been given, Energy of Iq`?
Don’t you understand that we become fond of the things we have?
Don’t you understand that we suffer from the change?
What is your message, Energy of Iq`,
Loader and Lord of the New Year,
How to understand your Character and your Intention?

Here is the answer of Iq`:

I am the wind, the movement,
The change, the root of death

But also the pure energy, the movement of the sown.
Thanks to my movement, the seed can travel to its place of birth.

With my help, you can get rid of what is too heavy in your mind.
I'll remove your bad ideas and replace them with new ones, lighter.
Feel my purifier wind that carries away your heavy thoughts,
Open the door of your mind,
So that wind can blow the bad smells!

I want to travel with you!

I wish I could show you the Real World..

Please, get rid of anything that is too heavy,
So that we can escape,
So that we can rise and fly away!

Listen to the sound of my wind in your ear,
It tells you that this is a new opportunity for you,

Open the windows,
And let enter the New!

Enjoy the acrobatics in the sky,
Enjoy the Freedom!

The future is infinite,
It is the root of your own imagination.

Let that holds you on the ground

And look into the eyes of the future.....

This year, I am here with the number One,
This year I am Jun Iq`.
The number One means the center, the point.

This little point that is your Source of Life, within you.

This small point is Ajaw.

Ajaw is not outside of you.

Outside of you, you see his effects, his expression.
It is at the center of your Being that is Ajaw.

However, tirelessly, your eyes seek me outside of you,
But my place is inside, inside of you.

Here, inside, the New Sun is already visible,
But you, outside, on the face of the Earth, you are sleeping yet,
Outside the dawn rises slowly.
The only thing you can see outside is the suffering of the Earth.

Listen, I'll give you a secret:
There is only one pain,
"Being outside."

Darkness only exists outside,
Inside it is impossible.

Only outside the noise expresses,
But it is within that silence will born.

Outside, the limited time is in perpetual motion,
But it is only inside that it stops in the infinite.

Restless, death hunts outside
Inside, its nest, is eternal....

Why are you searching me outside of you?
Why do you think I am in the clouds?
Why do you think I am so tall, superior, above you?
Why do you think I am a God in heaven or in the mountains?

I'm in the middle of you

So close and so far from you.

The Centre is the Point,
From this Point flows the Light,
That makes Flowers open and that makes Fire so hot.

The center is so small, soo small...

And it is for this same reason that it is so Great, by its smallness,
Because he lives in everything that exists.

This Point of Life that is within you,
This is the One, this is Ajaw,
Who lives in Everything and in Everybody.

Welcome to the new Energy of Jun Iq`!

May he will raise us to our own Source of Life,
At the Center of our Being,
Inside of ourselves,
At the Center of the Sacred Fire.

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