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Practice of The Sacred Intention

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Intention sent to 2 Ix

The Energy of 2 Ix was celebrated in all central America countries. At this occasion, the following Intention was expressed during a ceremony of reactivation of a sacred place in Guatemala:

Great Ajaw, Energy of Zero, Form of the Day,

Thank you to be, thank you to exist and give us signs of your presence

It seems that human has turned blind
It seems that human cannot remember you anymore

For this we can see the misery of the culture of ego.
For this we can see our Sisters and Brothers of all species who are disappearing.

Your Creation is dying.

But we can see some lights that has turned on at the same time all around the world
There are people, groups who are working to change things..
There are events who say that the dream of the Great Human is not an utopia

Ajaw is everywhere, in everything

Right now we can say with certitude that the Consciousness announced by the Ancestors is living
This is a great sign

Thank you Brothers Mayan for the accuracy of the Count and Great Science

We can say that they are recent events that have happened which will soon deeply sweep our human consciousness, the manner we perceive the world
From now on we will never be able to come back to the world we have just now
We have seen too much to say that we didn’t see anything
We can see a change that was announced thousands of years ago
This change will be for the integration of humanity in the great family of the Universe, the return of the Great Human to his Roots, with Greater Understanding.
This new consciousness will be a new step, but a step with conscious
Thank you to open new Paths

May your Energy helps the ones who are working to develop your vision, understanding and consciousness

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