21%, Waning Crescent Moon
21%, Waning Crescent Moon

Yellow Seed

  Ton 5 is the intention of the day
Iq`  is the Character of the day
    Element: Air

Yellow Seed

Thu 04.04.2024 20:10 (UTC)   5 Iq`

Expressed energy

Tzolkin Maya, Sacred calendar

Melody of Mother Earth

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Ton cycle, Trecena, 13 days [UTC]

Duration 13 days
Start 31.03.2024 06:00
End 13.04.2024 06:00
Actual Ton
Duration 1 day
Cycle position 5/13
Start 04.04.2024 06:00
End 05.04.2024 06:00

Cosmic Caterpillar 13 days

Job´, Ton 5, Number 5

(Ton, masculine principle, objective, intention)

Day 3 - Action

Inspiration / Ascend

Detachment that gives perspective

Love and Childbirth

Organization, support

At the center of the cube we find Five.
Five is an intelligent, organizing force which manages communications and materials, knowledge and natural net workers who gather what is needed.
It is a harmonic, the addition of the first Four days entering into resonance. Five has the authority to achieve, center.
Five gives power. Power is the capacity to express, to give shape to the spark of creativity which is the fruit of the meeting between the Heart of the Sky and the Heart of Earth within your Being and within all entities who express the Universal Consciousness.

Find your center, your harmonic, your personal vibration which enchants your Heart and soothes your Spirit.
Simplicity is the reference!

Symbolizes: the fact that every act is sacred by nature, the quest of the perfect harmonic, simplicity, the capacity to see yourself in everything


Kin cycle, Veintena, 20 days [UTC]

Duration 20 days
Start 03.04.2024 06:00
End 23.04.2024 06:00
Actual Kin
Duration 1 day
Cycle position 2/20
Start 04.04.2024 06:00
End 05.04.2024 06:00

Cosmic Caterpillar 20 days

Iq`, Ik`, Wind, the breath of life

(Kin, feminine principle, character, sentiment)

Blow, exhalation, power of life, liberation

Day to send messages, day of the sacred idols

Element: Air
Color: White
Direction: North
Animal: Hummingbird
Body part: Respiratory system
Opposite elements: Help / Destruction

Clarity, purity, move, change, inspiration, travel, liberty, spirit, harmony, purification, imagination, mathematical mind, capricious, communication, divination, signs

Impulsive, changing, moody, hard character, infidelity

Iq` carries new creations.
It represents the movement of the change, the dissemination of the seeds according to the winds, the trust into creation. Iq` gives the power to Life, it blows in new energy and blows out too heavy old thoughts, like the respiration of the body, the respiration of the leaves, of the Earth or the periodic tide of the sea..

Iq` is the day of the Heart of the Earth which is the source of inspiration of ones heart, the quantum vibration and also the day of the Heart of the Sky which is the source of inspiration of ones spirit, the cosmic vibration.

Iq` is a very powerful energy that can be either a smooth breeze of creation or a violent storm of destruction.

Observations of the Mayan Sage about the Spiritual/Energetic Entity of Nawal Iq`

When the spirit of the essence of the Sacred Fire
united with the spirit of the essence of the Sacred Fluid,

then the Cosmos began to breathe from its infinite vibration through the divine breath of the Nawal Iq'.

Iq', entity that makes circulate the multi-dimensional spiral chain breath (like DNA spiral chain)
of all spiritual/energetic entities.

Iq' is the breathing power of the Infinite Potential Element.