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Passing this Door

Will connect you Personally with
The Mayan Calendar / The Cosmovision

- It is a New Seed, a Birth -

The Present,

Given from Nature to Human People

Is the Free Will.

The ability to create New Worlds
Based on his own Choices.

As Human People,
We really have to understand this,
As it is a great Responsibility!

Nyansapo says
"The Leader's right to power is bye virtue of his great Wisdom"

From our actual understanding of the World,
We need to retrieve the Trust.

The Trust into Life.

No Life is possible without Trust.

Your personal Calendar
Will show you
How to connect yourself
With the Natural Cycle
And discover Your Way of Life

The Quest of the Warrior,
Your own Quest
That was given to you at your Birth,
Is the understanding and deep integration
of what - You really Are -

Your Way of Life will Guide You
To this Destination..

Seeing the relationship between
Your Inner and Outer Worlds
Is the "first step".

It will show you that
You are NOT INSIDE the World,

- You ARE the World -

A new Trust will grow
In your Heart
In your Spirit...

Trust is the root of Love


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