65%, Quarter Moon
65%, Quarter Moon

Yellow Seed

  Ton 8 is the intention of the day
Ee  is the Character of the day
    Element: Earth

Yellow Seed

Fri 21.05.2021 04:31 (UTC)   8 Ee

Expressed energy

Tzolkin Maya, Sacred calendar

Melody of Mother Earth

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8 Ee, event of the Tzokin :

Memorial Day of Life


Cycle overview [UTC]

Actual Ton
Duration 1 day
Start 20.05.2021 06:00
End 21.05.2021 06:00
Cycle position 8/13
Global cycle
Duration 13 days
Start 13.05.2021 06:00
End 26.05.2021 06:00

Waqhaquib´, Ton 8, Number 8

(Ton, masculine principle, objective, intention)

Night 4 - Reaction - Listen

Expiration / Descend

Harmony, synchronization

Rain and Water


The Intention of Eight is Harmony.

Eight carefully shows consideration for all evidence to reach a balance of justice. Eight is the tremendous power of the fractal organization, "As above, so below" or "as outside, so inside"..
From simplicity to infinity, the energy of Eight organizes all levels of creation. It is the one that gives form and works on integrity.
All the different points of view and angles are visible and acceptable, since it is the only way to be in harmony. It is embracing our imperfections.

Symbolizes: Justice, receptivity, coherence, liberation from ego, trust.


Cycle overview [UTC]

Actual Kin
Duration 1 day
Start 20.05.2021 06:00
End 21.05.2021 06:00
Cycle position 12/20
Global cycle
Duration 20 days
Start 09.05.2021 06:00
End 29.05.2021 06:00

Ee, Eb, Human, the road of destiny

(Kin, feminine principle, character, sentiment)

Destiny, road, quest to self realization, free will

Day to walk, to be outside, to breath fresh air.

Element: Earth
Color: Yellow
Direction: South
Animal: Lynx
Body part: Feet
Opposite elements: Road / Obstacle

Sacred path, experience, road, travel, ancient knowledge, destiny, guidance, energy of action, free will, realization, power, shows the good manner of acting in life, seeking of originality and novelty, conciliation

Distortion of reality, envy, manipulation, lie, infidelity, jealousy

Ee symbolizes the road, the destiny, the ladder, the steps of consciousness.
Ee is the free will of human kind to start the quest of self realization. Human has received the gift of free will to have the choice and power over his own destiny.

Ee is the feeling of the Liberty of life, the feeling we have when we've reached the top of the montain and enjoying the view around. This is the feeling of knowing that everything is possible, with no limit, the absence of fear and attachment.

Ee protects and clears the road of life, gives opportunities and luck during the travel.