59%, Quarter Moon
59%, Quarter Moon

Yellow Seed

  Ton 4 is the intention of the day
Ix  is the Character of the day
    Element: Air

Yellow Seed

Tue 16.04.2024 16:38 (UTC)   4 Ix

Expressed energy

Tzolkin Maya, Sacred calendar

Melody of Mother Earth

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Ton cycle, Trecena, 13 days [UTC]

Duration 13 days
Start 13.04.2024 06:00
End 26.04.2024 06:00
Actual Ton
Duration 1 day
Cycle position 4/13
Start 16.04.2024 06:00
End 17.04.2024 06:00

Cosmic Caterpillar 13 days

Kiejeb´, Ton 4, Number 4

(Ton, masculine principle, objective, intention)

Night 2 - Reaction - Listen

Inspiration / Ascend

Adjustement of the limits, forming of the body

Warriors and Sun

Find out the limits

The most stable of all forms is the cube. Four is the establishment of volume by definition. The four directions give the liberty of movement. Four builds the foundation, the base, the volume that allows any creation to express itself.
The energy of Four highlights the limits and freedoms required to apprehend, to understand a new environment.

The material world is what can be defined, measured.

Model space, give discipline and form to your ideas.

Symbolizes: The Base of the Universe, the Four Directions, order, definition, limits, count, determination, decision, model.


Kin cycle, Veintena, 20 days [UTC]

Duration 20 days
Start 03.04.2024 06:00
End 23.04.2024 06:00
Actual Kin
Duration 1 day
Cycle position 14/20
Start 16.04.2024 06:00
End 17.04.2024 06:00

Cosmic Caterpillar 20 days

Spirit of Ix, unknown artist

Ix, Jaguar, Magician, the jaguar

(Kin, feminine principle, character, sentiment)

Connection with earth, occult forces, shamanism, life principle, fertility

Day to be kind with animals, the nature, the earth, respect life

Element: Air
Color: White
Direction: North
Animal: Jaguar
Body part: Muscles
Opposite elements: Occultism / Materialism

Occultism, mysticism, unknown, magic, feminine energy, connection with nature and spirits, shamanism, spiritual wealth and material poverty, inner experience and feeling, discovering of new abilities, sensibility, bravery, courage, resistance

Moody, pride, egocentrism, envy, ambition

Ix symbolizes the Heart of the Earth, the unconsciousness and the matter as one.
The unconsciousness is the fertile ground that allows spirit to grow, as the Earth for the plant.
Ix is the invisible, the mystery, the unknown. It gives the power of creation of life out of nothing. Ix is the jaguar, the feminine principle that creates fertility for human, animals and plants.

Ix is the nawal of the shamans, the ones who travel through different levels of consciousness, and know the Primal Language, the universal communication tool that allows to speak with animals, plants, mountains.

Observations of the Mayan Sage about the Spiritual/Energetic Entity of Nawal Ix

Ix is the essence of the Cosmic Seed, carrying the genetic codes of spiritual/energetic entities.
In the material world, it is the generator and the source of the diversity of life.

It is the central essence of our planet, which is why we call Her 'Mother Earth'.