61%, Quarter Moon
61%, Quarter Moon

Yellow Seed

  Ton 11 is the intention of the day
Imox  is the Character of the day
    Element: Fire

Yellow Seed

Sat 19.06.2021 04:31 (UTC)   11 Imox

Expressed energy

Tzolkin Maya, Sacred calendar

Melody of Mother Earth

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Cycle overview [UTC]

Actual Ton
Duration 1 day
Start 18.06.2021 06:00
End 19.06.2021 06:00
Cycle position 11/13
Global cycle
Duration 13 days
Start 08.06.2021 06:00
End 21.06.2021 06:00

JunLajuj, Ton 11, Number 11

(Ton, masculine principle, objective, intention)

Day 6 - Action

Expiration / Descend


Rationalization, simplification

Every new creation has to find its space in the universe.
In the process of "fitting in", some modifications must occur.

The existing adjustments must be slightly disturbed to let enough space for the newcomer. These changes are the energy of Eleven. Eleven is the energy of dynamic actions that facilitate change, simplification and improvement.

Liberation, dissolution, unchaining, letting go.

Transfom your patterns and structures, free yourself from that which holds you. Pay attention to your own evolution. Let go, analyze what doesn't fit to you and let it go. Keep the fluidity, freedom and balance of the flight.

Symbolizes: Change, liberation, simplification, break with the complex to get to the simple.


Cycle overview [UTC]

Actual Kin
Duration 1 day
Start 18.06.2021 06:00
End 19.06.2021 06:00
Cycle position 1/20
Global cycle
Duration 20 days
Start 18.06.2021 06:00
End 08.07.2021 06:00

Imox, Imix, Crocodile, Dragon, the death initiation

(Kin, feminine principle, character, sentiment)

Primordial motivation, first thought, potentiality, latent energy

Day to give

Element: Fire
Color: Red
Direction: East
Animals: Crocodile, Fish
Body part: Blood
Opposite elements: Creation / Dissolution

Creation out of nothing, motivation, activation of inner and occult power, fire, gives support and energy, change, eccentric, sensibility, security, protection, spirituality, character, hypnotism, romanticism

Insecurity, violence, dishonesty, egoism, exaggeration

Imox is the Mysterious Energy that allows to create out of nothing, out of The Root from where everything comes and to where everything returns.

Imox Gives support, security and protection to the new created life that appears, to the inspiration, to the new idea that springs out of nowhere, to the project.

Imox gives the spark of inspiration, it is connected to the primal creative forces, the zero as the fundamental latent energy that contains all possible realities. The idea seems to appear from nowhere, given by the motivation to create, by the joy of living and by the spirit of the heart, the divine communication.