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Expressing energy

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Practice of The Sacred Intention

New Era - Message from our Earth

This message was received directly from our Mother Earth and announced at the Ceremony of the New Sun, the morning of the first day of the New Era, day 5 Imox, 22.12.2012, at a Sacred Site in Guatemala.

Your response to this message will represent a new Intention in the World. May it can contribute to the materialization of your Own Dream!

Our Mother Earth will directly speak to us in the near future..

Great Ajaw, Energy of Oxlajuj Baktun, Energy of the Day,

There is a saying, I think it is international, everyone knows it. The saying says that when someone thinks something bad can happen to him, that misfortune will eventually happen to him.
When a person thinks that a bad thing can happen to him, the idea in his mind will appear in his own reality.
Finally we know it, when we think of a bad thing it will eventually happen ... but we never imagine that if we did the opposite, it would also work.

If we thought a positive thing, this thing will also happen.

I wish each and every one of you understand what is happening right now.

On the one hand, we now have at our disposal the Energies of a 26,000 years Solar Cycle and a Long Count Cycle of 5,125 years, as an Energy of Creation, an Energy of Change.
On the other hand, we see that our Mother Earth is dying, by the actions of humans. This human who does not understand how lucky he is to have a Mother so beautiful, full of love.
This misunderstanding is also the misunderstanding of his own life. This is something infinitely sad and we can not judge him. Each person has his own Way of Life and his own Intention.

Finally, right now, we have the power of Creation at our disposal and our Mother Earth who asks us for help!

Understand, that the message Iím reading now, as well as the messages of shamans from here and from all over the world, all these messages seem to come out of our minds, but in reality their true origin is our own Mother Earth ..

Today, if we have the Knowledge we have, it is thanks to our Mother Earth.
Today, if we have the power of Creation we have, it is thanks to our Mother Earth.
Today, if we have the Life we have, it is thanks to our Mother Earth.

Are we going to help Her or are we NOT going to help Her?

The message of our Mother Earth continues like this, teaching us how to use the power of Creation.

For this particular moment,
Just have a dream,
But a Wonderful One!
Light a Fire,
Or just a Candle.
But light a Fire.
And send your Dream
To the Fire.
Feel yourself as a Human,
Feel yourself as a Planet,
Feel yourself as the Sun
And ask for the Great Change in human understanding.
Thank for everything that gives you Life
The Life you have just Now,
And Be Happy.
This is the Movement.

Share this message with your Family,
Remember yourself:
Your Own Source of Life is Energy,
Fire is Energy
Sun is energy
There is only One Energy!
Everything around you is Energy,
You can see yourself in everything around You.
When you speak to the Fire,
You speak with the Energy,
You speak with the Sun,
You speak with the center of our Galaxy.
Speak with the Sacred Fire!
He is a Microphone
Connected to the Heart of our Galaxy,
Express your Intention!

Tell them all, around You,
Do not dance for yourself,
Do not dance for the music,
Do not dance for other dancers,
Do not dance for money,
Do not dance for power
But Dance for the Sun
Dance for the Air
Dance for the Water,
Dance for the Earth
Who give you Life.
Change the flow of Energy,
From the Inside to the Outside,
And from the Outside to the Inside,

Open up to the Cosmos,
Open up to the Great Family!

And the Nawal ends the message as follows:

Today you get these secrets
The secrets of Creation.
Lift your head to feel the Energy touching you,
To feel the Energy coming into you.
You can feel turning into pure light,
Pure Energy.

From now on we will not sow as always
In the fields of earth,
But we will sow in the sky
In the Heart of the Sky.
In this Field nothing grows yet.
It is free, this Field.
This is the Field of the Universal Consciousness,
The Field of the infinite Void
The Field of the Energy,
The field of the Sacred Fire
The Field of the Great Ajaw who is here with us.

You now get many Talents,
Your have to understand!