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Practice of The Sacred Intention

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Intention of 2 Ix, 21.12.2011

The current cycle is the last solar cycle before 21.12.2012.

It is a material cycle, a male energy. We can measure it based on material event, the path of the earth around the sun. It started with the winter solstice event 21.12.2011.

The last Tzolkin cycle before 21.12.2012, which is its feminine part started on the day 5 Imox, 6 April 2012.

Both cycles resynchronized or reconnected with the Source on the same day: 4 Ahau 21.12.2012.

The Energy of this day, greg 21.12.2011 was 2 Ix, it represented the Seed of the day.
And as you know from the calendar, the Seed of a day is divided into two elements, the Number which is its Intention, and the Kin, which is its Character.

Both elements create a message for you. It is your inner vibration that feels another vibration. Like a sound. It is a vibration that your own inner vibration recognises. It is a message from the outside to the inside. Your reaction to this message represents a new Intention in the World. It is the echo of this message.

May your Intention be wonderful!

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