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Expressing energy

Sacred Mayan Tzolkin calendar


Understand the Sacred Intention

2012, the return to the Source

Mayan Mathematics are an expression of life. For Mayans counting is not straight, but follows a cycle.

Zero is the source of all possibilities and One is the Intention from it

The Intention always comes back to the Source. As the Intention is born so it will eventually complete its cyle and die.

When something wants to born, it has do die.

Imagine for a moment that you are a child full of energy, impatient to discover the world. On a summer’s day, you decide to go outside for an adventure. You ask your mom to let you out… ‘of course’ she will say, ‘ok, no problem, go out… but be back in a while!’

Zero is the Mother, One is your intention to go away from her. But you always has to come back. This law is a great Trust. You will start your adventure with the security that whatever happens, you will come back to the Source.

Mayan Mathematics are very powerful to understand the secrets of Creation.

Each time One appears, a cycle has begun.
A cycle means that there will be a return to the Source. A cycle also means that everything that once happened will happen again.

History repeats itself. A war is a war, in 10’000 BC or 1939. Sentiments do not change. Only the setting changes, the outfit ;)

A cycle means that forever and forever we are inside of ourselves, cycling from our own source to our own source

There is no escape possible. All is One.

One time it will be important to have the Intention to know this ‘All is One’. Mother Nature is waiting for us..

Now the new season is coming, the season of Unity. When the new season comes, the change comes with, we want it or not