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Expressing energy

“When the messenger points the finger to the Message, the fool looks at the finger”

oXomedia is expressing a Consciousness shared and brought to us by the Mayan people who disappeared around 1’000AC. At this time they wrote us a Message. They knew everything about us at this time because they knew exactly what Time is.

The Ancestors:” For the return we will prepare, our mission is accomplished and our days over. We must go. Do not forget us, it is important not to erase us from your memory. Take care of your home, of your earth. So let it be. You will go on the path, you will see from where we came. Listen, my words stay with you, they will advise your heart”

It is not important who is speaking about this Message, it is not important how the Message is delivered to you as it is not important if the Message is announcing a great change in the human understanding.

The important is THE MESSAGE. The important is to GET THE MESSAGE, to understand it, to go inside of it, to integrate it deep inside of yourself.

This is the important.

The Mayan Prophecies has been written for us to understand that it is possible to ‘see’ in the future, to control the time with our spirit.
They are not the Message

The Message is so Great that it needs time to understand. It needs time because it needs your attention.
The Message is a living Message, something you have to go inside.
If you know this movie Avatar, imagine that the Message is showing you how to go out from your actual body into another one.
It is not an idea, a dream or an illusion, it is as real as the change of seasons.

The season has come for human to become HUMAN, man turns to MAN

Here you will find some technical information about oXomedia. Maybe you will agree with it or not.
Just know that the Message it expresses is original and universal, it will be the ‘New’ that will bring a New Sun Light in the Human understanding of the World

The Nawal says :
“The New sweeps everything that is old. Child born without parents. Never seen or heard. But the child grows. It is still small, but it will grow. Light does not born of darkness, but darkness dies from light. In reality, it has never existed. Love the New”

oXomedia’s Mayan Calendar is stalled on the 'real life' of the sun above Guatemala. It starts from UTC time 6 hour in the morning to 5 hour 59 the next day.

From this fact, you could find different Kin and Ton for your own Nawal in literature or in other web sites. The time of birth is important to oXomedia to know exactly at what energy you were born.
If you calculated different energies for your own Nawal, it means that you were born during the change of energy of one day to another.
It is up to you to decide what is your own deep expression of life, your Nawal. The expression of one day is very close to the expression of the previous or next day. You are your best Shaman, you will know it.
oXomedia shows your Nawal as if you where born in Central America, in the Mayan World, based on the position of the sun at this time. Maybe it could be different of the one in your own country.
Just remember that they are 6 hours difference between the place where the energies were observed by the Old Mayan, and the Central Time Zone of England, 90 degrees longitude exactly, the quarter of a circle, one side of a square..
There is no evidence or ancient texts, no reference to say if a specific energy is ‘turning with the sun around the earth’ or just expressing at a specific time for the whole earth..

The count of the calendar, it means the expressed energy showed in the calendar is the one used by the Ajq’ Ija in Guatemala, in Mayan language an Ajq’ Ija is a guardian of days or a day counter, a shaman, a person who can understand the Time

The astronomy or planets influence showed and explained in the calendar is based on the European view and not on the Mayan one. The consciousness of the presence, the position and the fact that we are ‘this cosmic machine’ is the important now

oXomedia’s Mayan Calendar takes its information from the Human knowledge and not only into the Mayan Civilization. Symbols of other cultures are used to put in evidence that the Message is not only from the Mayan civilization, it is a universal one.
The Mayan civilization is a Messenger, they are other Messengers

Some texts, pictures may come from other websites, books.. many Thanks to everybody, may your offering be your wish

Even in Central America, we can find different manners of understanding the Calendar. The final understanding will come with the revelation of what remains hidden now, hidden from our madness.

Each day we only receive the information we can understand, this is our food.

The ultimate understanding is an utopia.. as it is the essence of the World, Infinity

Nawal of the day

The Inner Influence


Dresden Mayan Codex

The Flower is the Nawal's symbol


The Nawal is the vibration of a specific day.

It represents the Inner vibration of the new created entity. If you are born this day, this vibration will be your own Nawal. You will keep it during your whole life as your proper character and destiny.

Each one should take the road of his Inner World and find the way to balance himself from inside. Our behavior in the Outer world is directly related to our understanding of our Inner World.

The quest of the real Warrior is an inner fight against himself, the sacrifice of his ego and the discover of the transparency of the world, the erasing of the illusion.

The Nawal will be your helper and guide in life. It will tell you what are your strengths and weaknesses.

Remember that each day of the Tzolkin cycle has a specific Nawal. Find the way to synchronize your Inner World with the energy of the present.

Imagine the flight of a bird in the sky. His intention gives him the reason why he is flying, his character is his own manner of flying. Then his flight needs balance to be able to stay in the air into the specific weather of the day..

Toj, Muluc, Offering, Moon, the payment and offering

Toj is the Kin of the day, the Flower and Nawal. He is the Character, Essence and Destiny. He gives vital force.

The universal law of cause and effect, complementarity

Day to share, make donation, work for free

Element: Fire
Color: Red
Direction: East
Animal: Puma
Body part: Ear and hearing
Opposite elements: Balance / Correction

Balance, cause and effect, take and give back, transparency, unity, liberation, community service, offering, peace, connection with the Earth and the Cosmos, communication, movement, magnetism, energy, fertility, emotion

Impulsiveness, worries, culpability, possessiveness

Toj is the offering time in order to balance the universe.
What has been taken has to be replaced or given back.

Thank for everything that was given to you. The life, the food, the air, the water, fire and earth. What is over sufficient should be given back.
Thank through your joy, through the music you give to the universe, with a gesture of heart to those around you, through your listening and attention
Nature gives enough for all to live, keeping and storing goods causes imbalances.
Toj protects and supports the creatures that can remember and feed their creator.

Toj, symbolizes the sacrifice, the transparency in the world.

The Intention of the day is Ton 12

Night 6 - Reaction

Expiration / Descend


Stability, understandig

This numbers energy is a gift of great capability of retospection.
It is this ability that allows Twelve to connect disassociated parts into a (new) functioning whole.

Symbolizes: Stability in expansion, coherence, union of polarities, comprehension. Preparation for future action.


Today's Nawal has four principles who are helping him to balance..

Tzi, Oc, Dog, the spiritual law

Tzi is the Support principle. He will give what is needed to realize the destiny.

Law of the heart, spiritual authority, loyalty, fidelity, guide, light, orientation

Day to act to the right direction

Element: Air
Color: White
Direction: North
Animal: Dog
Body part: Instinctive brain functions
Opposite elements: Purity / Impurity

Orientation, justice, fidelity, order, help and advice, light on truth, authority, protector of natural law, concentration, strategy, attention, instinct, positivism, prosperity, material and spiritual life

Manipulation, individualism, espionage, infidelity

Tzi symbolizes the spiritual law and the authority.
There is no need of human artificial laws when the understanding of the spiritual law is effective.

He is the guide of the dead. Tzi shows the right action to do, the correct behavior, how to act in the life.
Consider death as a loyal friend, a companion of life, give him your confidence and it will show you the road and be your guide in life

Tzi is the perfect friend and companion, the one who can be trusted, the one who helps.
Lack of understanding leads to perversion.

Ee, Eb, Human, the road of destiny

Ee is the Left Hand principle, the little Demon.

He will act to put traps and problems on the road.

Destiny, road, quest to self realization, free will

Day to walk, to be outside, to breath fresh air.

Element: Earth
Color: Yellow
Direction: South
Animal: Lynx
Body part: Feet
Opposite elements: Road / Obstacle

Sacred path, experience, road, travel, ancient knowledge, destiny, guidance, energy of action, free will, realization, power, shows the good manner of acting in life, seeking of originality and novelty, conciliation

Distortion of reality, envy, manipulation, lie, infidelity, jealousy

Ee symbolizes the road, the destiny, the ladder, the steps of consciousness.
Ee is the free will of human kind to start the quest of self realization. Human has received the gift of free will to have the choice and power over his own destiny.

Ee is the feeling of the Liberty of life, the feeling you have when you've reached the top of the montain and enjoying the view around you. This is the feeling of knowing that everything is possible, with no limit, the absence of fear and attachment.

Ee will protect and clear the road of life, gives opportunities and luck during the travel.

His opposite principle is Imox..

Imox, Imix, Crocodile, Dragon, the death initiation

Imox is the Guide principle.

He shows the right way to realize the Destiny.

Primordial motivation, first thought, potentiality, latent energy

Day to give

Element: Fire
Color: Red
Direction: East
Animals: Crocodile, Fish
Body part: Blood
Opposite elements: Creation / Dissolution

Creation out of nothing, motivation, activation of inner and occult power, fire, gives support and energy, change, eccentric, sensibility, security, protection, spirituality, character, hypnotism, romanticism

Insecurity, violence, dishonesty, egoism, exaggeration

Energy that allows to create out of nothing.
Gives support, security and protection to new created elements such as life, idea, project. The root where everything comes from and where everything returns.

Imox gives the spark of inspiration, it is connected to the primal creative forces, the zero as the fundamental latent energy that contains all possible realities. The idea seems to appear from nowhere, given by the motivation to create, the spirit of the heart, the divine communication.

Kawoq, Cauac, Storm, the community of the universe

Kawoq is the Complement principle.

He is the opposite energy of Toj, the Kin of the day.

Strength of character, intuition, storm, family, fight for truth

Day to do what there is to do

Element: Water
Color: Black or Blue
Direction: West
Animal: Turtle
Body part: Heart
Opposite elements: Justice / Dispute

Community, family, feminine energy, fertility, valour, nobility, imagination, divination, guidance, dream, abundance, security, justice, collaboration, authority

Intractability , hard character, clumsiness, culpability

Kawoq is the energy of change, the nawal of the storms, the disputes, the discharge of unbalanced situations.

Kawoq is related to Kan, it is intuitive, violent. It is the time after which the peace returns, it is perceived as a bad day but in fact it is not. As the water of the river is going from up to down, Kawoq just restores the tensed element into harmony, it brings each member of the family back together.

Kawoq gives the energy to change things, it is the detonator, the last drop that makes the glass overflow.