Thu 02.07.2020 16:15 (UTC)   11 Tzi

Expressing energy

Sacred Mayan Tzolkin calendar

Melody of Mother Earth


Cycle overview [UTC]

Actual Ton
Duration 1 day
Start 02.07.2020 06:00
End 03.07.2020 06:00
Cycle position 11/13
Global cycle
Duration 13 days
Start 22.06.2020 06:00
End 05.07.2020 06:00

Number 11

(Ton, masculine principle, objective, intention)

Day 6 - Action

Expiration / Descend


Rationalization, simplification

Every new creation has to find its space in the universe.
In the process of "fitting in", some modifications must occur.

The existing adjustments must be slightly disturbed to let enough space for the newcomer. These changes are the energy of Eleven. Eleven is the energy of dynamic actions that facilitate change, simplification and improvement.

Liberation, dissolution, unchaining, letting go.

Transfom your patterns and structures, free yourself from that which holds you. Pay attention to your own evolution. Let go, analyze what doesn't fit to you and let it go. Keep the fluidity, freedom and balance of the flight.

Symbolizes: Change, liberation, simplification, break with the complex to get to the simple.

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Cycle overview [UTC]

Actual Kin
Duration 1 day
Start 02.07.2020 06:00
End 03.07.2020 06:00
Cycle position 10/20
Global cycle
Duration 20 days
Start 23.06.2020 06:00
End 13.07.2020 06:00

Sanskrit: Evolution through dissolution

"The good and the bad do not exist, there are only acts that allow to develop or not"

Tzi, Oc, Dog, the spiritual law

(Kin, feminine principle, character, sentiment)

Law of the heart, spiritual authority, loyalty, fidelity, guide, light, orientation

Day to act to the right direction

Element: Air
Color: White
Direction: North
Animal: Dog
Body part: Instinctive brain functions
Opposite elements: Purity / Impurity

Orientation, justice, fidelity, order, help and advice, light on truth, authority, protector of natural law, concentration, strategy, attention, instinct, positivism, prosperity, material and spiritual life

Manipulation, individualism, espionage, infidelity

Tzi symbolizes the spiritual law and the authority.
There is no need of human artificial laws when the understanding of the spiritual law is effective.

He is the guide of the deads. Tzi shows the right action to do, the correct behavior, how to act in the life.
Consider Death as a Loyal Friend, a companion of life, give Him your confidence and He will show you the road and be your Guide in life

Tzi is the perfect friend and companion, the one who can be trusted, the one who helps.
Lack of understanding leads to perversion.

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