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Creation of Time: Birth of Time(page 4/13)

In the beginning was Silence.

From within Silence was born the Sound.

The Sound is the Son of Silence.
Within Silence was Sound.

(The 'Original Sound')

The first sound, the original vibration is symbolized in the Mayan culture by the square within the circle:

measure and movement

It is the symbol of the Absolute Being, the Architect of the Universe, 'The Measure and the Movement'.

(see also 'The Sacred Intention').

This event of the Birth of Time is also described, among others,
by the Nada Brahma: Akasha, the original sound 'Om'
by the modern science, the big bang theory: "The universe emerged from the 'void', at a single point called a singularity".

Keep in mind that the event of the beginning of time is NOT only a distant event in the past, but it is repeating at every moment of the present, right now!

The square within the circle defines 4 directions needed to create a universe, a volume from the 'void'. This is the Mayan Cross, the Base of the Universe, the Compass:

Air (up)
Mayan Cross East
Earth (down)

All vibrations which constitute what we call ‘universe': the planets, atoms, flowers, animals, humans, including the universe itself as a whole,
are formed by this universal cell. The harmony and movement of the 4 basic Elements:
Fire, Air, Water and Earth.

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