2 Toj

Expressing energy

2 Toj

Present Day


Event !

New Melody of the Day:
2 Toj

Melody of the day

Direction: East

Element: Fire

Color: Red

The Spirit says

Ton 2

I meet You

The Heart says

Kin Toj

Balance, cause and effect, take and give back, unity, transparency

2 Toj

is the Nawal of the day

(UTC 27.06.2017 19:06)

7 Ix

Day to request and bless for what we have

in 5 day(s)

8 Tzikin

Day of requests for material and natural goods

in 6 day(s)

13 Ajpu

The 260 Teachings of the Tzolkin cycle has been given. The understanding of the resulting Global Message provides access to new opportunities

in 11 day(s)

13 Ajpu

Full Moon

in 11 day(s)

(UTC 09:07:2017 04:06)


1 Imox

New Tzolkin cycle, New Birth

in 12 day(s)

7 Kiej

Day to ask for a good Harvest

in 18 day(s)

8 Qanil

Day of Seeds

in 19 day(s)